May 20, 2022

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Zambia Police IG in an entanglement with Adada PF cadres -Nawa Dangote Chanda

Zambia Police IG in an entanglement with Adada PF carders-Nawa Dangote Chanda

Loyalty is critical for ensuring law enforcement members understand that their colleagues will be willing to ignore danger and assist them regardless of the peril. Without loyalty and camaraderie, law enforcement personnel would be ineffective as they would likely be reluctant to put themselves in harm’s way how can Pf carders enter Lusaka central police station and beat up officers on duty 😠 Mr kanganga kakoma the inspector general of police where is your LOYOTY? Is it with adada or the consitution?

You were once a constable you did not fly to that position of an IG, bring back the sanity and confidence in the police service this nonsense must come to an end, Today a PF carder is more powerful than you Mr IG, you allow carders to degrade the officers that leave there wives and children at home to come and gurd you wile you sleep comfortably then you don’t speak for them? we have called for police salary increment for constables you are mute and yet you meet adada everyday if I may ask what do you discuss? The officers are ment to be respected and protected that uniform is a simble of the office of the president this must not go in vain an example must be given not by just issuing statements.

When youths want to protest you are very quick to give orders? Protect the integrity of the officers don’t frastrate them, adada found you in the police service you should be there to guide him not to misleading him I rest my case.

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