July 27, 2021

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Shimumbi Admits He Infringed Dorika's Copyright

Shimumbi Admits He Infringed Dorika’s Copyright

Comedian Aubrey Luo popularly known as Shimumbi has admitted that Mr. Bob Nkosha is the originator of the television series Shimumbi and Nkosha has Copyright to it.
He has since asked Mr. Nkosha to withdraw the matter from the courts so that they can discuss outside court.
Meanwhile, Mr. Nkosha says people should not call him a Jealous person because he is the one who identified Aubrey and employed him at his company.
Mr. Nkosha reveals that Aubrey Luo was his employee when he originated Shimumbi and the role he plays in Shimumbi is the same role he scripted.
He says all he wanted was for Luo to attribute or credit his series to the company that owns the Copyright.

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