July 29, 2021

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"Shi Mumbi" ready for dialogue with "Dorika"

“Shi Mumbi” ready for dialogue with “Dorika”

ACTOR Aubrey Luo says he is ready to dialogue with fellow comedian Bob Nkosha, over the copyright row that has led to DStv pulling the plug on the popular ‘Shi Mumbi’ series.

Luo acknowledged to Times Entertainment that stand-up comic Nkosha – more famously associated with his sassy ‘Dorika’ stage alter ego – was the originator of the concept and that he wanted to find common ground to resolve the matter in the interest of all concerned.

He said the first place to start from would be for Nkosha to withdraw any threat of legal action against him and permission for Multi-Choice to get the series back on its DStv Zambezi Magic channel.

Luo hinted a truce could already be underway after he met with National Arts Council (NAC) chairperson Patrick Samwimbila on Wednesday who advised him on how to go about resolving the matter with Nkosha.

Nkosha is said to have tried to quietly resolve the matter with Luo with frequent reminders to make right but is said to have been left seething when ‘Shi Mumbi’ brought the whole matter out in the public by reproducing some of the communication between the two on his Facebook page, triggering a deluge of negative comments about him.

He is said to have presented his evidence to Multi-Choice by way of scripts and footage from the ‘Shi Mambo’ series to back up his claims, leading to the decision to suspend the airing of the ‘Shi Mumbi’.

In a separate interview, Nkosha explained that ‘Shi Mumbi’ was a replica of his ‘Shi Mambo’ idea produced by ZAMCOM in which Luo was cast as the main actor in the eight series that were recorded.

Credit: Times of Zambia

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