May 21, 2022

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Multichoice Zambia Launches Edu TV on DSTV & GOTV

Multichoice Zambia Launches Edu TV on DSTV & GOTV

as part of DStv’s ongoing efforts to enhance its customers’ television viewing experience MultiChoice Zambia has today launched Edu TV channel, a Zambian Educational Channel on DStv and GOtv in Zambia.

The channel is being launched through a collaboration between MultiChoice Zambia, as part of its CSI initiatives; the Ministry of General Education and the Zambian Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) with the aim to deliver televised education to Zambian learners considering the school calendar changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Edu TV will broadcast, along with other content, classroom-based learning and life-skills programmes for children from primary to secondary school level, based on the Zambian national curriculum.

Edu TV, your Zambian Home-Schooling Channel is now on DStv.

From Wednesday, 17th June 2020, DStv Access, Family, Compact, Compact Plus and Premium subscribers will access Edu TV on DStv Channel 315.

Edu TV is a Zambian educational channel owned and operated by the Ministry of General Education, providing classroom-based lessons, and life skills programs, to school going children, based on the Zambian national curriculum.

The Channel will be available from 07:00 to 20:00 every day featuring lessons in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Integrated Science, Mathematics, Civic Education, English, Geography, Computer Studies, ICT as well as Educational Music – which will enable school going children to catch up on lessons missed while schools remain closed.

07:00 Educational Music
07:30 Biology senior: Endocrine System
08:00 Physics Senior: Radioactivity
08:30 Chemistry Snr: Energy Changes
09:00 Maths G 8: Probability
09:30 Maths Senior: Non-Right-Angled Triangle
10:00 Integrated Science G 8: A Microscope
10:30: Civic Education G9: Corruption Part 2
11:00 Educational Music
11:30 English G8: Composition
12:00 ICT Grade 8: Classification of Computers
12:30 Geography G 8 Physical & Cultural Features of Zambia
13:00 History Grade 9: Occupation of Central Africa P2
13:30 Computer Studies G 9: Computer Peripherals output Devices
14:00 Mathematics G 9: Indices
14:30 Integrated Science G 9: Electrical Calculation
15:00 Civic Education G 8: Citizenship
15:30 Educational Music
16:00 Biology senior: Endocrine System
16:30 Physics Senior: Radioactivity
17:00 Chemistry Snr: Energy Changes
17:30 Maths G 8: Probability
18:00 Maths Senior: Non Right Angled Triangle
18:30 Integrated Science G 8: A Microscope
19:00 Civic Education G9: Corruption Part 2
19:30 Educational Music

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