October 17, 2021

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Bob Nkosha claims Shi Mumbi is his brain idea as he writes Zambezi Magic TV ?

Bob Nkosha claims Shi Mumbi is his brain idea as he writes Zambezi Magic TV ?

Last week Zambezi magic TV Fans came to a shock on Friday to see Shi mumbi replaced by Spoiler.

Rumours are that renowned zambian comedian Bob Nkosha has written to zambezi Magic claiming the Shimumbi story was his idea and the current SHIMUMBI marely changed from Shi Mambwe to Shi Mumbi.
Shimumbi the current Zambias top comedian has attracted the multi choice DStv who have commissioned the project and it begun airing on Zambezi Magic on 3rd April, 2020.
Bob Has threatened to Sue Mr Aubrey Luo Aka Shi Mumbi as 1st defendants and Zambezi Magic as second defendants .
The two comedians Bob and Aubrey once worked together in the then Dorika and the big dudes project Before the five (Bob, Monde, Hon Salubusa, Isaac Isaac Chamba and Luo) went different ways for solo projects .
Ocent Nation  can confirm that Mr Chomba is claiming that Luo performed the shi Mambwe stunts under his company .
Our big question is

1.Where has he been all this while when Shimumbi begun his shows before hitting the Television series ?
2. Why do one has to wait for a former work mate to hit the TV before smearing him with dirt mud?
3Why hasnt Bob approached The Shimumbi crew instead of taking this fight to the public ?
4. If really Shimumbi was a copy cut why does Bob put Shi Mumbi on his kitwe shows wanting him to perform along side ?

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