June 29, 2022

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15 Annoying Types Of People You Will Meet At The ATM In Zambia

Being in a long queue, hoping to use an ATM service can be very frustrating at times 😩😩

Thanks to these characters who make it annoying. I normally pray for 30 minutes at home before heading to the ATM so I don’t meet this kind of people on the Queue.
Ocent nation –Zambia’s No. 1 Website lists the 15 Type of People you will meet at a Zambian ATM.
Let’s Go!!

1. The Money Counter

The guy/lady that counts money before leaving the ATM.
As if the Machine will complete it for you if the money is not complete.

2. The Broke Ass

The dude that knows he does not have a coin in his account nor expecting money from anyone, but hopes for a miracle 😝
After wasting everyone’s’ time,’ insufficient balance’ will chase him away! and they cover ATM screen pass as if them want withdraw millions.
Them go use Style chuk their ATM for pocket after the ATM show them Red Card so you all can think they are pocketing their money 😂😂

3. The Balance Checker

The guy that multiplies the Queue just to check his balance 😲 You will be left wondering whether he does not receive alerts.
This set of people are very wicked, they don’t have anything reasonable to do at the ATM but won’t give the serious ones chance to do the needful.

4. The Big Guns

The guy that acts as if the world will end today. He goes to the ATM and you think he wants to withdraw his whole life savings.
At a point people will start begging him to remain some cash in the ATM so others can have something left to Withdraw too.
This set of people ehn, they seriously don’t have conscience, they want to withdraw K50000 but won’t give the broke guy at their back chance to withdraw his K20 and leave.

5. The Recharge Card Buyer

This set of people are the most annoying ones.. They can drive from Chelston to cairo road to use the ATM to buy Card K20 😰
They stand in front of the ATM and battle with the Quickteller App while pressing their phone.    I wish the Banks can uninstall this Recharge card app on all ATM.

6. The Fighter

The dude that quarrels with the ATM. Even though the machine is prompting him that his pin is incorrect or card has expired, you will still see him complaining or screaming at the ATM.
What’s all this ? I used this card just this morning! Which  bank be this? 😂😂The next thing, the frustrated people on the Queue go just shout “boss let another person use ”.

7. The Runs Man

This ones will just be coming from their House, ignore the Queue and walk up to the next person on the Queue, hand over their ATM to the next person “Please help me use my ATM collect k2” 😂😂
They sometimes get booed but most of them no dey get Shame at all 😃

8. The Browser

That man/woman that just goes there an stand for almost 20 minutes as if he/she is waiting for a Movie of 10GB to complete downloading…
When you go closer you discover the machine asked ‘Do you wish to proceed? Yes or No? And  just did not press anything 😂😂
These set of people are very proud ehn, them DONT go and ask or beg people to help them.

9. The Helper

Done withdrawing or checking his/her balance but won’t leave the place.. Ends up tutoring the people “Boss Press 2” 😩
Very annoying set of people.

10. The Instructor

No matter how straight the Queue is, they won’t stand straight to make the Queue a perfect line.. You see them stretching their Leg and trying to see what the person currently using the ATM is doing.
They are always the next on the Queue or the person behind the next person, always willing to help.. “boss ni Current or Savings? Press 3.. How much you want Withdraw?”
Their reward is always in Heaven 😂😂


12. The Proud Bastards

They just join the queue to Withdraw, waste time and pride wouldn’t allow them ask anyone. You begin to think they are here to browse 🤣🤣
They won’t beg you to help them but someone volunteer to help, they allow he or she but won’t press their pin until you comot face, so they tap you to notifying you they are done pressing their pin.
They mostly don’t have more than k500 in their Account 😡😡

13. The Beggars

(boss help me pls) – these set of guys are annoying. They join the queue and end up begging for money.
You begin to hear things like ”boss help me, ATM swallowed my card, I have no transport back home, the money I was expecting did not enter my account 😂😂
Go check your inside your Toilet .. lol

14. The Hawkers

They are always in 80/90% of most ATM spots.
They always have something to sell. It is either drinks, recharge cards, bible, snacks or anything hawkable lol.

15. Add Yours

Oya include yours, let’s know the type of people you have met at the ATM before.
We want to know.
The End!!!

What Do You Think About This List?

Drop your comments lets laugh together

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